Who's more important than you?

Explore your root system.


Who's more important than you?

Connecting with your own energy, the energy of like minded humans and energy from the universe can be life changing. 


The Water Lily Holistic Empowerment Center presents an opportunity to explore yourself, empower your soul and live your purpose one step at a time. Taking the time to learn about yourself is key.  Being aware of and acknowledging who you are and where you come from is necessary. It takes your time, understanding, patience and lots of self care!

Our intention is to allow you to be your most authentic self. Even if you don't know how or who that is yet. Moving your body, expressing your creativity through the arts, absorbing the physical and emotional benefits of a professional massage, receiving guidance and connection from an intuitive reading, sharing what's weighing on your heart or soul with a spiritual counselor or being part of groups and classes that help you realize your limitless potential while sharing your beauty and light with others. 


We will offer opportunities for your healing. Mind. Body. Soul.


All of our services are designed to help lead you on a path toward empowerment!


Like beautiful water lilies floating atop the lakes surface, a long stem and deep roots sustain the plant as they extend deep into mother earth. Soothing water protects this system. Let's explore you together and get to the root of the matter. For that is when empowerment truly begins.



 Spiritual Services

You are so worth it.


Intuitive Mediumship Readings

Spiritual Counseling

Usui Reiki Energy Healings

Integrated Energy Therapy

Physical Body Scan

Ceremonial Services

Massage Therapy


No Mud, No Water Lily 

Like a Water Lily, you too have the ability to

RISE from the mud 

BLOOM out of the darkness &

RADIATE light into the world.

 Ongoing Services 

A Commitment to Yourself


You Are Not Alone.

You are safe.

You are creative.

You are confident.

You are love.

 You are heard.

You are intuitive.

               You are connected.

 Group Services

Create, Connect, Explore

Ongoing Offerings

Sacred Meditation (1st Monday)

Soul{HER} Power (1st Wednesday)

Weekly Wednesday Yoga


Watercolor Art, Vision Boards

Jewelry with Crystals, Crystal Grids

Dream Catchers, Mandalas

and More!


Spiritual Saturday

Freetyle Qigong

Gallery Style Readings

Intuitive Development Circle 

Sound Healing and Drum Circles

Full Moon Message Circle


Acceptance, Forgiveness, Gratitude

Love, Light, Power

Chakras, Healing, Purpose

Inner Child, Spiritual Toolbox

Crystals, Essential Oils

and More!

The Water Lily Holistic Empowerment Center, LLC  |  129 Tolland Stage Rd., Second Floor Tolland, CT 06084  |  860-756-6391