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Services that Help You Connect...
Intuitive/Mediumship Readings
Come to this session with an open mind and an open heart.  Lily will work with her guides and yours to provide you messages that you can relate to, that bring situations in your life (past or present) to light and will ultimately lead you to healing and/or further down your path. What you choose to do is of course yours, although the possibilities are always endless! 
Sometimes connecting with a loved one who has passed is an important part of this process and so they may come in and provide you with a message. If you have questions or want to connect with somebody in particular, there will be time during the session to ask.  In fact, this truly is a two way conversation between you and spirit, so you should plan to be part of the conversation!  
60 minutes- $120 | 30 minutes- $65
Empowering Energy Healing
Energy healing can help blockages from painful memories, trauma, or everyday stressful situations to break up and/or release.  Since these blockages are often in a cellular level, we don't even realize they are there, although they may surface as emotional, mental and/or physical ailments. Lily will hold space to help you connect on a deeper level, allowing you to take charge of  the healing! If Lily receives any messages during the healing, she will share them after the reading is over. Lily has been trained in both the healing modalities of Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET).

60 minutes- $120 | 30 minutes- $65



Personalized Growth Experience: 6 MONTH EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM

It will take a true commitment to yourself.  A reminder now that you are WORTH it! 
From a Spiritual Counseling lens, Lily will work with you to explore that in which may be holding you back, keeping you stuck in your personal, professional or spiritual life.  She will help you to identify and work through that in which may no longer be serving your best and highest good. Through a consistent program, you may begin to see things from a higher perspective, as she works with spirit to lead and guide, the power is yours to connect and create the life you wish to live. With a boost in self confidence, she will help you to identify a plan to make change happen!  By removing obstacles and seeing the opportunities, you will tackling a limiting mind set or belief system that holds you back from passion and purpose, happiness and freedom.  You will begin to feel your wings expand, your power soar.
 Living life Empowered! 
Our Commitment to Each Other:
Let's meet! Receive an Initial 30 minute consultation at no cost. 
  • One monthly, 1 hour scheduled appointment for a spiritual session & one 30 min. mid month check in, via text, phone or in person. Based on Lily’s intuition, this may include any one or a combo of the following: 
    • Intuitive Reading 
    • Empowering Energy Healing
    • Cord Pulling Ceremony
    • Home or Office Clearing
    • Personalized Guided Meditation
    • Tarot Reading/Oracle Card Reading 
    • Creative spiritual activity using art, voice or body (light movements)
To build your Spiritual Toolbox, you will also receive:
  • An intuitively chosen crystal or stone 
  • An intuitively chosen essential oil roller bottle
  • Monthly Soul Work Homework w/ binder to store work
  • 50% off Groups and Classes, when available

$1000, paid in full OR
$200/month payable at the first appointment of the month.
If during the program you refer a new client for a service with me, I will offer a thank you gift of $20 off your monthly payment or a $20 refund if paid in full! 
Refer as many as you want, every time $20 bucks!  
If at any time you wish to discontinue your Personalized Growth Experience, there is no obligation to proceed or continue monthly payments. Once payment is received for the first session of month or in full, there will be no refunds.  Yup, Its a commitment and you are an investment worth committing to!
Learn, Heal and Grow 
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