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Lily is the Founder of The Water Lily Holistic Empowerment Center.  

Living her purpose while understanding the importance of ongoing self work, the power of support, guidance and the journey. Awakening to her own gifts has emboldened her soul to shine the light within, outward. Recognizing both the power within the positive & the power within the pain,  has allowed her to Dig Deep & Rise Up! Living most authentically, she is ready to serve you.  

As she currently pursues a masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, Lily understands the value of lifelong learning.  Her previous studies in the field of Human Development and Family Studies at UCONN, training and certificates in Psychic Mediumship, Medical Intuition, Usui Reiki, Integrated Energy  Therapy, Pastoral Counseling, Tarot and an assortment of other spiritually healing and connecting classes, she offers an array of skills and knowledge to share.

Offering perspective from a higher source, Lily will help you to step into your light & walk towards empowerment. She offers 1:1 spiritual services, the Personalized Growth Experience; a 6 month Empowerment Program, facilitates weekly guided meditation, several other group events and teaches  a number of the classes offered at the center. 

Lily Holcomb

Natalie Poitras

Massage Therapist

Natalie is the Founder of The Tranquil Lotus Holistic Wellness. She is a licensed massage therapist, in addition to holding certificates in Usui Reiki and Mediumship. She offers services out of The Water Lily full time .

She  holds space for clients, nurturing their Mind, BODY, Soul offering  a variety of massage services, healing and spiritual modalities for care and support of the whole person.

Contact Natalie directly for an appointment.

Myka Perrelli 
Yoga Teacher