YOUR 1:1 Personalized Growth Experience will help you:
  • Work through what is not serving your best and highest good. 
  • See things from a higher perspective. 
  • Increase self confidence. 
  • Tackle mindset or beliefs that keep you stuck or stagnant. 
  • Feel your personal strength. 
  • Explore your passions. 
  • Set intentions. 
  • Establish a plan(s).
  • Put your plan(s) into action. 
  • Live Empowered!
Our Commitment to Each Other:
•Initial 30 minute consultation 
  • One monthly, 1 hour scheduled appointment for a spiritual session. Based on Lily’s intuition, this may include any one or a combo of the following: 
    • Spiritual counseling
    • Intuitive Reading 
    • Empowering Energy Healing
    • Cord Pulling Ceremony
    • Home or Office Clearing
    • Personalized Guided Meditation
    • Tarot Reading 
    • Creative spiritual activity using art, voice or body (light movements)
Additionally,  You Will Receive:
  • One, 30 minute, mid month phone, text or in-person check-in 
  • One guest pass to any Movement Class (Yoga, Qigong, Expressive Dance, when available)
  • A hand picked crystal or stone to help you on your journey
  • Monthly Soulwork Homework
  • Binder for worksheets/assignments

$750 or $125/month payable at the first appointment of the month.
If during the program you refer a new client for a service with me, I will give you a thank you gift of $20 off your monthly payment! 
(Refer as many as you want, every time $20 bucks!)
If at any time you wish to discontinue your Personalized Growth Experience, there is no obligation to proceed or continue monthly payments. Once payment is received for the first session of month, no refunds.
Testimonials: (Coming Soon!)