New Program!

YOUR 1:1 Personalized Growth Experience will help you:
••Work through what is not serving your best and highest good. 
••See things from a higher perspective. 
••Increase self confidence. 
••Tackle mindset or beliefs that keep you stuck or stagnant. 
••Feel your personal strength. 
••Explore your passions. 
••Set intentions. 
••Establish a plan(s).
••Put your plan(s) into action. 
••Live Empowered!✨

Our Commitment to Each Other:
•Initial 30 minute consultation 


•Monthly, 1 hour scheduled appointment for a spiritual session. Based on Lily’s intuition, this may include any one or a combo of the following: 
* Spiritual counseling
* Intuitive Reading 
* IET energy healing
*Reiki energy healing
* Cord pulling ceremony
* Home or office clearing
* Personalized guided meditation
* Tarot Reading (starting in March)
* Creative spiritual activity using art, voice or body (light movements)

•Weekly phone or text check-ins (up to an hour)

•Guest at one of Lily’s classes each month

•Guest At 1 Yoga or Qigong Class each month

•A hand picked crystal or stone to help you on your journey

•Monthly Soulwork homework

•Binder for worksheets/assignments

$498 or $83/month payable at the first appointment of the month.

✨If during the program you refer a new client for a service with me, I will give you a thank you gift of $20 off your monthly payment! 
(Refer as many as you want, every time $20 bucks!)

✨Program limited to 6 participants at a time. Once I have 6, I will create a wait list. 
✨If at any time you wish to discontinue your Experience, there is no obligation to proceed or continue monthly payments. 
✨Once payment is received for the first session of month, no refunds.


Please contact Lily directly with any questions or to start Your Personalized Growth Experience!